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Welcome to the Gidro-Service web site.

Thanks that you have chosen us.

Here you can order installation of shower cabins, bathtubs, furniture for a bathroom and any another sanitary ware of the majority of factories such as Apollo, Niagara, Golden fish, Victoria, SFM, Teuco, Jacuzzi, Wisdom, Albatros, Laniver, Radomir, Akvatika and other...

You receive 24 months of a firm guarantee on installation

Consultation before installation within MKAD - free!

Installation of sanitary ware is a difficult work, it requires specific skills and many-year practices
Don't trust to your workers assurances such as: we are the professionals or we already did such work.
Any case specify on what a guarantee the can give - for installation or for normal work of a product and all its components.
And certainly the most important think is a guarantee period, it should be no less than 2 years on installation and a product.

Thank you again.

Our phone is: 728-98-99

  Установка сантехники, установка душевых кабин.